Naturelly Jelly Juice Review

   I am a big fan of food pouches for kids, not only do they taste delicious they are practically mess free and you can take them anywhere for a healthy snack. But I always worried about the amount of sugar they contain. Well worry over. These delicious Naturelly jelly juice pouches which are actually… Continue reading Naturelly Jelly Juice Review


Suns here, funs here 

Its June (already) the schools are on half days now until they break up for a 3 month long summer break. What better to do than have a dip in the pool after school followed by a afternoon at a soft play cafe to escape the heat followed by a walk on the seafront with… Continue reading Suns here, funs here 


Baby wearing beach walking

   I never got into the idea of wearing my baby when my first was little but this time around its different. I needed more freedom whilst having a 4 year old and living in Spain means 1 thing… Beach.  Beach with kids is a totally different story than beach without kids.  Beach without kids… Continue reading Baby wearing beach walking


4 year old overheard.

   “my poo is like a sausage”  “I’m going upstairs to play, I don’t need you”  “Why are bears all called teddy?” “Mummy, let’s pretend we’re nice people”  [whilst sitting in the garden] “mummy what’s that?!”   I don’t know it’s probably just a bug  “I think it’s an octopus”


Yesterday was one of those days

Yesterday was one of those days, one of those days that actually run smoothly. This very rarely happens, especially on days that the 4 year old isn’t at school. Those days are normally like someone throwing a shit into a fan whilst I’m stood in front of it. Yesterday was a good day. The baby… Continue reading Yesterday was one of those days



   I really need to clean the windows. I can barely see through them. God knows what the neighbors must think. I really need to put all the jackets away that are currently being worn by my dining chairs.  There’s a toilet roll on the coffee table.. I don’t know why it’s there.  An empty… Continue reading Friday


Teething and weaning Wishlist for a 4 month old

Now that baby S is 4 months old I am starting to need a lot more than just nappies and baby wipes. She has begun teething and biting her hands  a lot and I also have to start thinking about getting ready for the weaning process, which as advised by her paediatrician I will try… Continue reading Teething and weaning Wishlist for a 4 month old